• Name: Model G321 Cloth Brushing Machine

This machine is used to clean up the neps and impurities of cloth and make the cloth clean and beautiful. It is finishing technological equipment between cloth inspecting and folding in dressing floors in cotton mills.
Structure Characteristics:
  1. Adopting brushing roller and carry-over pinch roll made of high-strength seamless steeltube
    glass-wrapping steel instead of wooden roller improves the rigidity of the complete machine
    and increases its service life.
  2. Changing rolling bearing for sliding bearing makes the operation of the machine more flexible, lighter
    and more stable, and greatly reduces energy consumption.
Technical Parameters and Main Specifications:
  1. Cloth brushing velocity: 54m/min (Model 160-340), 45m/min (Model 300-400)
  2. Cloth width of application: 1000-3900
  3. Length and height: 2170*2300
  4. Width: 2170 (Model 160), 2370 (Model 180), 2570 (Model 200), 2970 (Model 240), 3570 (Model 300),
    3970 (Model 340), 4570 (Model 400)
  5. Power of motor: 2.2KW
  6. Types: Model 160, 180, 200, 240, 300, 340, 400

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