• Name: Model GA841 Automatic Cloth Folding Machine

It is used to fold the cloth into pieces in cotton mills and printing and dying mills.
Structure Characteristics:
  1. Automatic length-measuring motion (select and use);
  2. A saving of time and labor when cloth is out automatically; yardage and meters can be set at will;
  3. Single shaping folding knife has the features of stable movement, light weight and fine rigidity, and is
    more advantageous with wider width;
  4. Precise folding width, error: ±5mm
Technical Parameters and Main Specifications:
  1. Cloth width of application: 800-3900
  2. Cloth folding velocity: 80-60 folds/min (less than 2m), 60-40  folds/min (more than 2m)
  3. Length of folding size: 900-1020
  4. Lifting stroke of folding table: 170
  5. Power of motor: cloth-dragging motor: 0.6KW; lifting motor of folding table: 0.37KW;
    cloth-out motor: 0.6KW (less than 2m), 1.5KW (more than 2m)
  6. Overall dimension: length and height: 2160*1500;
           width: 2300 (Model 160), 2500 (Model 180), 2700 (Model 200), 3100 (Model 240),
           3700 (Model 300),4100 (Model 340),4700 (Model 400)
  7. Types: Model 160, 180, 200, 240, 300, 340, 400

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